ILACADA Spring 2013 Newsletter

The past few months have been very busy and productive for ILACADA .  We hope you are enjoying a slow start to spring, but we know warmer weather will be here soon.  Many of you, no doubt, are preparing for registration and advising to begin and we know that means complicated schedules and being pulled in multiple directions!  I hope you can take time for your own professional development and attend one of the many programs offered by ILACADA or NACADA this spring and summer. 

We are very busy organizing ILACADA ’13, Setting Your Advising GPS, this year’s theme for our annual conference being held in Normal IL on the campus of Illinois State University.  The central location for the conference will be at the Bone Student Center, providing us plenty of space and parking.  All indications and early projections are that we will enjoy a record number of presenters and attendees!  We are excited to again welcome both Charlie Nutt, Executive Director of NACADA as our lunchtime keynote (and we built extra time in!) along with Michael "Brody" Broshears, Region V Chair who will welcome us.  Dr. Al Bowman, Illinois State University President, is joining us in the morning to kick things off.  Please be sure to register early and if you are coming down the night before, Eastland Suites has a block of rooms reserved at a discount rate.  In addition, a pre-conference social is being organized at Medici in Uptown Normal.  So, you will have time to relax, learn, and connect with your colleagues from across the state. 

ILACADA is partnering this year with u.select and iTransfer so in addition to our advising profession transfer coordinators will also be in attendance.  We believe this year will be even better than last year so be sure to check everything out at ilacada.org

NACADA Webinars

As a benefit of membership in ILACADA, you are also invited to any of the Webinar events that we have purchased through NACADA and are coordinating with host sites to bring you.  Our first webinar that we provided for Chicago area advisors, Advising ESL and InternationalStudents ,held at DePaul University in Chicago was very successful.  We especially want to thank Corban Sanchez for diligently working with ILACADA to ensure the event ran smoothly.  For those unable to attend, the handout and post event question and answer are posted on the NACADA website under Web Event Handouts. 

We are also hosing 2 sites at Eastern Illinois University and Heartland Community College for the March 28th webinar Advising Transfer Students: Strategies for Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Challenges. Amy Stringwell at Heartland Community College is serving as site coordinator for the HCC event and Nancy Crone at Eastern Illinois University is taking care of the EIU event.  Detailed information and registration.

The April 24th webinar, Advising Strategies for Students who are on Academic Probation, Facing Dismissal, or Seeking Reinstatement, will be broadcast at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb.  Kim Little at SIU is coordinating that event and Michelle Pickett at NIU is coordinating that event location.  Detailed information and registration

ILACADA is committed to providing members’ resources and support in various forms such as webinars We will plan to continue purchasing and providing webinars at various institutions throughout the state.  If you are interested in serving as a site host, please contact Kim Little, Program Committee Chair at klittle@siu.edu

u.select and iTransfer Partnership

This year, ILACADA formed a partnership with u.select and iTransfer to provide various workshops across the state.  This year, we have been able to help advisors through these workshops learn how to better navigate the use of those advising tools and better utilize the programs as a resource.  So far, we have offered sessions at Moraine Valley Community College, Chicago State, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Lake Land Community College.  If you are interested in having a training session on your campus, contact Dena Lawrence at denalawr@uillinois.edu or Krista Jackson at itransfer@itransfer.org

NACADA Region V Conference

There is still time to register for NACADA Region V conference and this year we will be in Kalamzoo, MI from April 2-5!  The planning committee has a great line up for “Advising:  It’s a Zoo Out There!”  this year’s conference theme.  Some highlights of the conference include the keynote speaker Josh Smith, NACADA President, the Opening Reception at the AirZoo, Bell’s Brewery Tours and a full line of fantastic concurrent and pre-conference sessions.  Please take some time to look it over.

You will find a lot of bang for your professional development dollars!  I hope to see you there. 

NACADA National Conference

The NACADA national conference this year will be in Salt Lake City, Utah from October 6-9 and while that will be a long way from home for many of us, the conference planning committee will provide a warm welcome to advisors from all over the globe.  It’s not too early to make plans to attend and I hope to see you there.  Conference information

ILACADA Elections

ILACADA elections will be happening in June and a call for nominations is scheduled to be sent to all ILACADA members in May.  Keep an eye out for that important email!  All criteria and information regarding the election process will be distributed via email and posted to our website.  If you are considering getting involved at the leadership level, please consider running for office or committee chair.  Committees will also be seeking new members this spring.

The Illinois state representative to NACADA Region V is elected at the regional level.  State representatives are elected for a two year period and the Illinois rep will serve as an ex-officio member of the ILACADA Executive Board.  The rep will primarily serve as a liaison and point of contact and reference for ILACADA and their relationship with NACADA EO and Region V.

ILACADA Member Submitted Articles

Blog Your Way to Better Advising
Today’s students are constantly connected to the Internet. Through the use of smart phones, tablets, and laptops, students are used to having timely information at their fingertips. Advisors have a great deal of information to share with students including academic deadlines, internship/scholarship opportunities, events around campus, and so on. As advisors, we attempt to meet students where they are. Websites, blogs, and social media are gateways of information for today’s students, and the School of Communication (SoC) Advising Center at Illinois State University is actively using these mediums to reach out to students. This article focuses specifically on the use of blogging and how to implement an advising blog in your own advising practice. More.... 

Reaching for Successful Freshmen Transition
In the College of Arts and Sciences at Chicago State University, we are addressing the successful transition of our college freshmen into their sophomore year.   Academic advisors are in partnership with the Office of the First Year Experience (FYE) to ensure that successful freshman smoothly transition into the sophomore experience.   First-Year students include both first time freshmen and transfers with less than 30 hours and are welcomed into the Office of the First Year Experience.   The FYE students receive both academic and social resources needed for successfully transition into college life from the FYE academic advising team. More.... 

Taking professional development to new heights…Implementing a Common Reading Program
Support of advisors from the upper levels of higher education advocates the importance of continuing to develop advisors professionally in order to promote continued learning.  Illinois State University (ISU) advisors are fortunate to be supported by the Academic Advising Council (AAC), which is an advisory council to the Office of the Provost.  The purpose of AAC is to “discuss and promote systems and policies that are necessary to the overall effectiveness and cohesiveness of campus-wide advising.” (Constitution, 2013).  One of the standing committees of AAC is the Professional Development and Training (PDT) Committee. More.... 

The Group Advising Playbook
You know the feeling that something is a good idea and you should probably try it, but you just don’t know how to go about it?  I feel that way about yoga.  I hear wonderful things about it and I see lots of people on their way to class every day, but I just don’t have the confidence in myself to try it.  Group advising, on the other hand, didn’t worry me.  It’s true that advising students in small groups is a relatively new approach in my advising practice, and it’s true that switching from individual appointments to group meetings requires  preparation leading up to the few weeks each semester when this becomes the norm in my office. More....

The next ILACADA Newsletter will be sent out this summer.  We are always seeking articles, book reviews, or any other information you think Illinois advisors would be interested in receiving.  Please send your submissions to Ryan Gray at krgray2@ilstu.edu


The ILACADA Store will be going live April 1st. Check back then, there will be a link at the top if the main ILACADA webpage. We will have t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, fleece, etc!