ILACADA October 2014 Newsletter


Reflections from the ILACADA President
Shawn Schultz, Eastern Illinois University 

This fall we are heading into a season of change and transition, and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all of the great things that have happened or are happening with ILACADA in 2014-2015.  Last May the association held another successful annual conference in the southernmost region of the state, which drew over 200 attendees and featured NACADA’s Associate Director, Jennifer Joslin, and Illinois Lieutenant Governor, Sheila Simon, as keynote and special guest speakers.  Plans are underway for the ILACADA 2015 annual conference, which will be hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at iHotel on May 22nd, 2015.  Mark your calendars and, as usual, plan to join us for what promises to be a fun-filled onsite “social” the evening prior!  ILACADA recently partnered with Eastern Illinois University to host an Academic and Career Advising Drive-In Conference entitled, “Effective Collaborations: Best Practices in Linking Academic and Career Advising,” drawing nearly 150 attendees from around the state for collaborative discussion and sessions.  The Chicago Area Advisor Network (CAAN) is planning a targeted one-day drive-in conference this December at DePaul University that will provide a great opportunity for membership in and around the greater Chicago-area to network and collaborate.  Be sure to check our website and related social media sites for details on these and more events as they develop.  While there, take a look at some of the photos from our previous events and socials….you might even be in them!  The association continues to sponsor NACADA webinars hosted at various colleges and universities throughout the state which offer a low-to-no cost alternative helping to investigate, discuss, and address a number of emerging topics and issues in our practice.

Looking ahead, this fall ILACADA plans to offer awards and scholarships in the following categories: academic advising primary role, academic advising administrator, and graduate student. Those of you who regularly receive emails or are on the ILACADA listserv will get up-to-date information and deadlines regarding these opportunities, so please take some time out of your busy schedules to nominate an individual(s) you think are doing exceptional work and deserving of this recognition.  ILACADA will also be making the usual appearance at this year’s NACADA Region V Conference in Indianapolis, IN, while also planning a social event for ILACADA membership and friends.  We’re looking forward to seeing many of you who attended our rollicking social event at Essen Haus in Madison, WI last year!!!  Speaking of which, please join me in congratulating ILACADA’s very own Mark Vegter as the newly elected Illinois representative for NACADA Region V.  Congratulations Mark!  Last but certainly not least, please consider investigating or getting involved with advising initiatives taking place on your campus or within ILACADA itself…our continued growth and reach is a reflection of your input and participation.  With hard work, committed members, along with strong and determined leadership, ILACADA is poised to enter 2015 by bringing new members on board, preparing new leaders within the association, while ensuring continued support for advisors across the state. It is with great pleasure that I continue to serve as your President.  Many thanks for all that you do!


See you in Minneapolis! 
NACADA Annual Conference Preview

Teri Farr, Eastern Illinois University

Calling all ILACADA members planning to attend the annual NACADA conference next week on October 8-11!!!  We have several items of interest for our Illinois colleagues.  We hope to see you there!

• Will you be a first time attendee to the NACADA annual conference?  The annual conference can be a little overwhelming for a first timer, so be sure to check out Charlie’s tips for first time attendees at http://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Events-Programs/Events/Annual-Conference/New-Attendee-Information.aspx.  Stop by and chat with NACADA leaders and former leaders at the ribbon table!  You will find a warm NACADA welcome and we hope to see you there. 

• If you are new to NACADA, mark your calendar to attend the Orientation for New Attendees either Wednesday at 3:15PM or Thursday at 10:15AM. 

• Use the interactive schedule planner (http://apps.nacada.ksu.edu/conferences/proposalsphp/ScheduleInteractiveList.php) or bring a highlighter to keep track of the sessions that interest you the most.  Also, NACADA is again using Guidebook to assist you with planning your conference sessions.

• The NACADA Choir is a great way to get involved!  No experience is necessary! 

• Other ‘must do’ events include the Poster Session Breakfast, School Spirit Day, signing up to volunteer, and the Commission and Interest Group Fair and breakfast.  And of course you do not want to miss the opening address, the welcome reception and the keynote address.  This year, Charlie Nutt will be our opening speaker and you have not lived until you’ve heard Charlie Nutt speak! 

• The Region V meeting is Thursday, October 9 at 4:30PM.  Be sure to attend to welcome your new Illinois liaison to Region V, Mark Vegter.  Mark will take over as state representative following the annual conference.  We are excited to welcome Mark to the Region V Steering Committee and we know Mark will represent Illinois well!  We will have door prizes, updates from the region and details about the state conference being held May 2015 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Dan Turner is our conference chair and he will share information about the conference. 

Other NACADA information to share

NACADA Region V conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN on April 8-10, 2015 at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel.  Keep your eyes open for the call for proposals, which will be opening in October.  The conference planning committee will provide updates at the Region V meeting so be sure to attend!

Also, remember to consider all of the other resources that NACADA can provide to you!  Awards and scholarships applications will be open soon so be sure to watch for that information in your inbox.

We hope to connect with you in Minneapolis.  If we don’t connect with you there, remember to save the date for NACADA Region V conference in Indy and the ILACADA annual conference at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign on May 22,2015!


Effective Collaborations: Best Practices in Linking
Academic and Career Advising - 2014 Drive-In Workshop

Angell Davis, Illinois State University

The second drive-in workshop organized by ILACADA was held at Eastern Illinois University on September 12, 2014.  Over 120 academic advising and career development professionals attended from 26 different colleges throughout Illinois and Indiana. The focus of the conference was to discuss, brainstorm and express the importance of collaboration between academic advisors and career services.  As expressed by our keynote speaker, Michael “Brody” Broshears, “Students do not understand that advising and career advising are different things”. Therefore, it is important that advisors know how to help our students connect the dots between how they can reach their career goals through their academic success.

The workshop provided panels and concurrent sessions throughout the day. The panels were Academic Advisors and the Career Development Process and Best Practices in Departmental Academic Advising and the Career Development Process.  These sessions allowed us to hear first-hand experience from academic advisors and departmental advisors on how they have learned to help their students reach their career and academic goals. After sharing their experiences they opened the floor to questions and comments which enhanced the experience even more.

Michael “Brody” Broshears helped workshop participants brainstorm ways that we could begin collaborative efforts across our campuses in order to move from “unit focused to student focused”. He encouraged attendees to interact with one another and first discuss why collaborative efforts do not work in order for us to learn how to make them work. Concurrent sessions focused on training, development, best practices, career coaching, collaboration models, sophomore slump and planning. Advisors were engaged and walked away with the knowledge needed to start some important and necessary conversations within their departments.  


Chicago Area Advisor Network Update

Corban Sanchez, DePaul University

The Chicago Area Advisor Network (CAAN), an ILACADA standing committee, provides professional development, leadership opportunities, information-sharing, and networking for advising professionals in the Chicago area.  The new (1) CAAN first began with a free drive-in hosted by DePaul University in 2013.  DePaul contacted the 2013 NACADA Region V chair, Michael “Brody” Broshears, and ILACADA President, Teri Farr, to inform them of this new initiative to connect Chicago-area advisors with one another, and thus a connection with ILACADA & NACADA was established.  Later that summer, Loyola University advisors contacted DePaul offering to host the next CAAN (2) drive-in and a Chicago-area advising network was re-established.  In December 2013, ILACADA executive board members and advisors in the Chicago area who were interested in this new initiative met at DePaul to discuss how to move forward with further developing CAAN as a great resource for the Chicago area advising community.  After on-going communication and another meeting with the ILACADA executive board at Illinois State University in February 2014, it was determined that CAAN would become a standing committee of ILACADA.  A survey was sent out in April 2014 to those who attended the DePaul and Loyola drive-ins, along with Chicago area ILACADA members and the results were used to make decisions for CAAN.  CAAN committee members then met in May, August, and September 2014 to further develop the mission, goals, and meeting times of the committee and professional development opportunities.

CAAN is now busy planning its 3rd professional development opportunity for Dec 5, 2014, at the Lincoln Park Campus of DePaul University, in Cortelyou Commons.  CAAN is inviting a handful of Chicago-area advising/university administrators to discuss advising issues and trends, overall administrator perspectives, and to share their recommendations about managing a career in higher education.  CAAN hopes to provide 2-3 professional development opportunities per year and perhaps a sprinkling of social gatherings from time to time. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for CAAN events, please don’t hesitate to contact Corban Sanchez (csanch12@depaul.edu) with any ideas you would like to share.

If you would like to meet more advisors in the Chicago area, learn more about what advisors at other institutions are doing, share resources, and broaden your professional connections in the field, please consider active involvement in CAAN committee meetings.  CAAN meets as a committee once every two months to discuss Chicago area advising issues and to plan upcoming professional development opportunities in Chicago.  Those who prefer in-person meetings are welcome to participate at the Lincoln Park Campus of DePaul University, where CAAN meets in room 115 of the Richardson Library.  All others are welcome to join online, through Scopia (free download). Please contact Corban Sanchez (csanch12@depaul.edu) for more details on how to join the Scopia CAAN meetings.  Upcoming committee meeting dates are:

• 10/31/14, 10AM-12PM

• 1/23/15, 10AM-12PM

• 3/27/15, 10AM-12PM

• 5/29/15, 10AM-12PM

Though you can certainly meet new people at CAAN events, you are more likely to establish lasting connections by working along-side colleagues during CAAN committee meetings.  Please consider active involvement in the committee and help us to organize great events for the Chicago area advising community!

CAAN has also developed a listserv in order to share resources and stay connected. You can join the ListServ by following the instructions below.

• Go to https://listserv.ilstu.edu/lists/

• Scroll through the list and locate the listserv you wish to subscribe to: CAAN-L

• To subscribe yourself to the listserv, click the associated tan-colored button with people on it.

• You will be brought to a “Join or leave” page for the listserv. Enter your email address and name, and click Join the list.

(1) About 15+ years ago a similar Chicago advising group had existed in Chicago and fizzled out over time.

(2) The name “Chicago Area Advising Network” was first used during this time and thus “CAAN” was formed!


Professional Development and You

Teri Farr, Eastern Illinois University

ILACADA’s Professional Development Committee welcomes two new members; Michelle Bauer, Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL and Kerri Langdon, Rock Valley Community College.  

Teri Farr, Eastern Illinois University and Tenell Edingburg, Chicago State University, continue as co-chairs of the committee.  This ILACADA committee is responsible for providing leadership to the ILACADA Executive Board with respect to professional development initiatives within ILACADA.  Currently we are responsible for organizing the one-day fall drive in workshop, NACADA Webinar location selection and we serve on the annual conference planning committee. 

From this new initiative, the committee would like to solicit some best practices of professional development activities and initiatives that are organized on your campus from around the state of Illinois.  Are you and your colleagues engaged in providing professional development opportunities on your campus?  If so, please consider writing up a brief article for the ILACADA newsletter!  We would like to highlight some of those Best Practices that we know are happening around Illinois!

Some ideas for submission include:

•  Common Reading programs – ideas for implementing a program on your campus, funding, participation, reading selection.

• Day long or half day professional development programs.  We would appreciate a brief description, what the session titles typically include, how they are selected, and who organizes the event.

• Use of NACADA resources.  Do you use NACADA resources for professional development activities on your campus?  If so, how are those used and presented?

• Collaborations between advising and other student service areas on your campus.  How do those inform advisors and their professional development?

What activities do you provide for advisors on your campus?  In what ways are professional development encouraged?  We want to hear from you!  Please send us your ideas and/or a short article describing your professional development activities.


We are always seeking articles, book reviews, or any other information you think Illinois academic advisors would be interested in receiving.  Please send your submissions to Stuart Robinson at stuartr@uic.edu.


We are now on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/ilacada/

Our website is http://ilacada.org/  and our e-mail address is ilacada@ilacada.org.  You can also find us on Social Media: Twitter at @ILACADA; Facebook at Illinois Academic Advising Association (ILACADA); and LinkedIn at Illinois Academic Advising Association

Please visit us to learn about your representatives in the organization, to find out about activities we’re planning, to get the most out of your membership and to become involved.  Together, we make a difference!