Hosting an Annual ILACADA Conference

Hosting an Annual ILACADA Conference

Hosting an Annual ILACADA Conference


The annual ILACADA conference is the organization’s largest professional development event, drawing between 200-350 people, depending upon location.  The goal is to appeal to the broadest range of Illinois academic advisors possible.  The host institution is selected with the accessibility of the location in mind.  The host institution must have adequate facilities for the size of the event, as well as access to transportation, parking, lodging, dining, and technology services.  Finally, the ideal site will be able to gather a planning committee comprised of representatives from area schools in a spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness.


To submit a proposal to host the annual ILACADA conference, send the following information to the Professional Development Committee Chair :

  • Name of host site and location
  • Potential planning committee members and contact information (identify which are ILACADA members, and who has conference planning experience, if any)
  • Overview of facilities
  • Documentation of support from administration


Once selected as a host site, the institution’s Conference Planning Committee will be finalized.  The Conference Planning Committee is an extension of the ILACADA Executive Board.  Throughout the conference planning process, the executive board has oversight and final authority over the conference.  The following ILACADA Executive Board positions are standing Conference Planning Committee members, and will be on the committee regardless of the selection of host institution:

  • President
  • Professional Development Chair
  • Membership/Elections Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Webmaster
  • One At-Large member


The Conference Planning Committee is comprised of the following positions and functions:

  • Committee Chair (or co-chairs) – responsible for delegation and communication among the subcommittees and the ILACADA Executive Board. While on the Conference Planning Committee, the Chair will attend ILACADA Executive Board meetings and provide updates as requested.  The chair or co-chair must be a representative from the host institution as well as a member of ILACADA.  The chair must be able to communicate effectively with the administration of the host institution, with subcommittees, and with the ILACADA executive board.
  • Program subcommittee– responsible for the conference program, schedule, selecting presenters, organizing speakers
  • Social subcommittee – responsible for location, entertainment, transportation and menu for the social. A separate line item in the budget is usually reserved for the social, which is this subcommittee’s responsibility.
  • Logistics subcommittee – responsible for facilities, technology, signage, parking, transportation, menus
  • Registration subcommittee – works with Membership Chair to manage conference registration, payment, name badges, conference day check-in, on-site registration
  • Volunteer subcommittee – responsible for recruiting and managing the use of volunteers on the day of the conference
  • Promotions subcommittee – responsible for the selection and gathering of promotional items to be distributed at check-in, at the social, via drawings, or as giveaways
  • Communications subcommittee – works closely with the ILACADA Communications Chair and the Webmaster to develop theme, logo, marketing materials, social media promotions, as well as print materials used day of the conference.


Expectations of Conference Planning Committee members:

  • attend all planning meetings
  • register for, pay for, and attend the conference
  • organize and host a post-conference meeting following the conference (details below). Planning Committee members for the following year’s conference should be invited to this meeting.


Agenda for the post conference meeting includes final attendance, evaluations, “best of” selections, names of drawing winners, committee reports, outstanding issues that need to be addressed.  Adjustments or suggestions for the following year’s conference will be noted at this time as well.


A summary report must be submitted to the ILACADA Professional Development Committee                             Chair within 60 days of the event.  The report will include the following information:

  • A complete budget (see template)
  • Examples of publicity materials
  • An agenda or schedule of the event
  • List of participants with contact information (registration list)
  • Summary of participants’ evaluations of the event
  • Organizers’ evaluation of the event