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ILACADA Professional Development Grant Proposal Guidelines


Purpose: The purpose of this ILACADA Grant is to support professional development activities for academic advisors on college campuses throughout the State of Illinois.  The funding should support a professional development activity for a number of advisors at the institution, and we encourage collaborations among institutions and inclusion of others within the area, when possible.


General Information: Applications must be submitted by an individual or a group (association, committee, etc.) affiliated with an institution and the applicant(s) must be a current member of ILACADA.  The funds must support a specific professional development program.  Some examples of programs include, but are not limited to, purchasing a webinar, purchasing books or articles for a common reading program, hosting a speaker, or seed money for a campus advising workshop or conference.  The committee will award the grant(s) based upon the worthiness and quality of the grant application.  All applications submitted by the priority deadlines will be reviewed and grant recipients will be determined.  Applications will only be accepted beyond the priority deadline if funds are still available for that semester.


Funding:  Up to $250 Fall/Winter; Up to $250 Spring/Summer

Applications will be accepted at the start of the Fall and again at the start of the Spring, both by a priority deadline, and applications will be accepted after these deadlines on a rolling basis, pending remaining funds.

The grant will award up to $250 in the Fall/Winter and up to $250 in the Spring/Summer, with a total of $500 available in funding each year.  Applications should provide evidence of the costs for the program, and may be awarded all or part of the $250 funds, as determined by the committee.  Multiple grants may be awarded each semester, depending on the amount of funds remaining in that term (if all of the Fall funds were not utilized, they will roll into the Spring/Summer funds, but they will re-set each year in the Fall).

The amount of funding available may change each year depending on ILACADA’s budget and the funding amount approved by the ILACADA Executive Board, including the Treasurer and Professional Development Chair.


Applicant/Awardee Requirements: The grant applicant must be current member of ILACADA, and the proposal and event should promote ILACADA membership.  Grants should be used to towards professional development at an institution and be open and promoted to all those who would benefit from the program (with a focus on those who are ILACADA members).  Grant dollars cannot be used to support the grant applicant’s attendance at a conference or travel to a conference.

Institutions may only receive one Professional Development Grant per academic year.

Awardee must provide a report back to ILACADA upon the culmination of the event with a description (and photos if available) that will be used for the newsletter and the website.


Selections by Priority Deadline:  The ILACADA Professional Development Grant Selection Committee, led by the Professional Development Chair, will review all applications submitted by the priority deadline each semester, determining the awardee(s) based on the overall application.  Applications submitted by the priority deadline will be reviewed immediately following the close date, and within two weeks of the deadline a final decision will be made on each application.  Applications will not be reviewed before the priority deadline.  All applicants will be contacted with information about the decision, and those receiving funding will be put in contact with the ILACADA Treasurer to disperse the amount awarded.

Selections After Priority Deadline:  Applications submitted after the priority deadline will only be reviewed if funds are still remaining after all priority applications have been reviewed and any grants awarded.  Information will be provided on the ILACADA website and ILACADA members will be notified about awardees, remaining funds, or if applications are no longer being accepted during a particulate period.


Application: The application must include the following and will be submitted on the form provided on the ILACADA website:

  • Person or persons taking responsibility for planning the event, including contact information and institutional affiliation
  • Brief description of the program, including a statement on how it relates to advising and how it will benefit participants
  • Intended participants and if attendance is restricted in any way (or if it may be promoted through ILACADA)
  • How it will be promoted
    • Resources that will be used
    • Description of event
    • Materials being used
    • Timeline, including date of the event or events
    • Budget and other sources of support


The application will be available on the ILACADA Website:


Award Timelines:

                Fall/Winter Applications

Award Applications Available: Early July (1st/2nd Week)

Priority Deadline: Early August (1st/2nd Week)

Priority Selection/Notification: Mid/Late August (3rd/4th Week)*

                                Funds Dispersed: One week following selection

*Pending remaining funds after priority deadline application selection, applications accepted until funding all used or until the Spring/Summer Priority Application time open

                Spring/Summer Applications

Award Applications Available: Early December (1st/2nd Week)

Priority Deadline: Mid-January (3rd/4th Week)

Priority Selection/Notification: Early February (1st/2nd Week)*

                                Funds Dispersed: One week following selection

*Pending remaining funds after priority deadline application selection, applications accepted until funding all used or until the Fall/Winter Priority Application time open