ILACADA Leadership Elections

Numerous positions will be open for election for the 2016–2017 year.  Nominations are open until May 27. Please follow this link to nominate yourself or someone else for a position.

Nominations are due May 27, 2016

Candidate statements are due June 8, 2016

Voting will be open June 13th through June 30th, 2016

Election results will be posted and new officers will be notified in early July

Terms of office will run August 1st through July 30th each year

To be included on the ballot, candidates must:

  1. Secure a nomination – either by someone else, or by self-nomination
  2. Be a member of ILACADA for 2016-2017 – see for membership information
  3. Submit a statement of 250 words or fewer detailing how they envision themselves fulfilling the position for which they are running. Voters want to know a little about the candidates’ backgrounds, experience and goals as well as why they are the best person for the position.
  4. Be Committed – be able to commit to attendance at meetings and conferences required by the position they’re seeking. The Executive Board meets, in person, a minimum of three times yearly. The three meetings coincide with the annual conference, the annual drive-in conference, and a stand-alone executive board meeting. It is mandatory that you attend at least one meeting in person. Participation in ILACADA initiatives is an expectation of office.


The following positions are up for election this year:

  • Vice President/President-Elect – three year term: one year as Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President.
    • The Vice President works with the president and acts as president in the absence of the president. Must have served a minimum of one year in an ILACADA leadership role prior to serving as vice president.
  • At-large member – two year term
    • The At-large member is a representative from the membership who has not previously held leadership positions within ILACADA. They represent membership on the board rather than filling a specific duty, such as secretary or treasurer.
  • Committee Chairs – one year term
    • Awards, Scholarships, Grants Committee is responsible for developing selection criteria and distribution of any awards, scholarships, and grants established by ILACADA.
    • Chicago Area Advisor Network committee: An ILACADA standing committee, that provides professional development, leadership opportunities, information-sharing, and networking for advising professionals in the Chicago-area. CAAN will have a chair (or co-chairs), a secretary, and subcommittees, as needed. The CAAN Chair will be a member of the ILACADA Executive Board and will attend ILACADA Executive Board meetings. In the event that a Chair cannot attend a Board meeting, the Secretary would be invited to represent the Committee. The Chair, Secretary, and any future leadership positions will serve a term of two years and will be elected by a majority vote from ILACADA members in the Chicago-area. Chair elections will take place in even years and Secretary elections will take place in odd years in order to help sustain the continuity of the committee.
    • Communications Committee is responsible for communication and promotion of the organization, including website, newsletters, social networking, news and press releases.
    • Constitution Committee is required to draft, maintain, and interpret the constitution and bylaws of ILACADA.
    • Membership and Elections Committee is responsible for maintaining a database of ILACADA members, notifying members when applications are up for renewal and seeking/recruiting new members as well as announcing and conducting elections. This includes notifying members of election status, eligibility and results.
    • Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and organizing conferences, workshops, and educational events on behalf of the membership.


Contact Megan Gerken with questions at (815) 825-2086 ext. 4500 or