2018 Drive In Presentations

A1 Dawn Huckelberry
Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Email: dreed@siue.edu
Title: Learning by design
Universities who wish to grow and maintain enrollment can no longer rely on traditional freshmen. Instead, they must need to respond to the changing demographic of prospective students, as well as to the demand for programs that are relevant to students’ academic interests and career goals. The Integrative Studies (IS) program at SIUE answers this demand, allowing students to build a program of study around diverse interests, as well as their academic and career goals, while maintaining the rigor of a traditional major. The program has grown quickly, with over 90 majors at the Spring 2018 census. Drawing on theories of adult learning and self-authorship, the program allows students to fully engage
in learning, as they become both the architect and builder of their educational experience.

A2 Michelle Howe
Western Illinois University
Email: MC-Howe@wiu.edu
Career Development Trends
This session will explore theories of career development to consider as an academic advising professional. We will explore the history of career development, current career advising practices, and discuss today’s job market. This workshop will be discussion based!

A3 CJ Holterman and Emily Davidson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: cjholt@illinois.edu
Title: You betta werk! Transforming Your Advising through inclusive leadership 

In this session we will help participants cultivate cultural competency by reflecting and identifying their social identities both inside and outside of the advising setting. Participants will examine their advising style and brainstorm specific ways of creating transformative learning partnerships and leave with a specific action plan for transforming their advising practices. Inclusive Advising Reflection and Action Plan handout

A4 Mindi Miller
Illinois Central College
Email: mindi.miller@icc.edu
Title: Yoda says, “Transfer you will– with the help of your advisors and the Transfer Center”
Transfer Coordinator, Mindi Miller (Illinois Central College), will share her experiences with the recent relocation of ICC’s Transfer Center to the Advising and Counseling office within the Illinois Central College Career Center. Discussion will include examples of how the more “visible” Transfer Center is now more “accessible” to advisors to better serve ICC students by connecting their academic advising experience with their transfer options.

I1 Maddie Darling
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: darling4@illinois.edu
Title: A Creative Approach to Finding Balance in Advising Roles
It can be challenging for even the most efficient and skilled advisor to manage increased advising loads and added administrative responsibilities without feeling some of the strain that leads to advisor burn out. As advisors, we offer a wealth of advice to our students about
time management, optimization, and resources for success every day. However, how often do we step back and consider how we can work differently to provide quality service that does not come at the expense of our overall well-being? Through this session and discussion, we will examine one creative solution to scalability in advising. Attendees will learn how to use technology to create an advising system that
promotes student autonomy and development while helping the advisor scale advising loads.

I2 Michelle Howe
Western Illinois University
Email: MC-Howe@wiu.edu
Title: Are YOU in Need of Advising? Career Development for the Working Professional This session will explore the concept of career development for the working professional. We spend thousands of hours helping students that we can neglect our own identity, career path, and future
goals. Participants will hopefully walk away empowered to propel their own career forward.

I3 Heather Fletcher, Clarissa Leman, Katelyn Talbott and Kate Patterson
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Email: hfletch@illinois.edu
Title: A Framework for Creating Your Professonal Development Action plan. Are you a new or experienced advisor seeking personal and professional growth? Are you looking for a mechanism to chart your growth, organize and plan professional development opportunities, and intentionally reflect upon your advising practice? This session highlights ways that advisors can employ a “professional development journal” as a comprehensive tool for growth and reflection. The presenters will walk through the journal created and implemented in their home unit to demonstrate the value of prioritizing professional development in the workplace. Key components of the journal include: NACADA Core
Competencies self-assessments, resource calendars for planning professional development opportunities, and reflection questions focused on professional identity, knowledge, growth and goals. This interactive session will provide the framework to create individualized professional development plans, ensuring that advisors’ work remains full of meaning and purpose.

Lisa Melz-Jennings and Jennifer Grimm
Western Illinois University
Email: LA-Melz-Jennings@wiu.edu
Title: When Using Appreciative Advising Patience You Must Have My Young Padawans This session will focus on an overview of Appreciative Advising, a newer advising approach developed by Dr. Jennifer Bloom at Florida Atlantic University. It will focus on the 6 phases
of Appreciative Advising – Disarm, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver and Don’t Settle. The presentation will discuss this style from both an academic advising and academic coaching perspective. It is the intent of this program for advising/coaching professionals to be able
to use this approach for greater student success. Participants will gain a basic understanding of Appreciative Advising and how they can implement this approach in their advising/coaching sessions.

M1Dawn Huckelberry
Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Email: dreed@siue.edu
Title: Use the force within
Does academic advising collaboration on your campus look more like a cantina on Mos Eilsey than a Ewok festival in the woods? When SIUE instituted campus wide advising, units became like separate cultures on different moons. By launching our Professional Development Committee, we created an intergalactic harmony of campus wide advising. This session will describe what we did to create a campus wide advising community, and give you a garrison of mind tools that can strengthen your institution. You will learn how to introduce a Professional Development Committee at your institution, and walk away with an array of ideas which can immediately be put into practice .

M2 Elizabeth Kellington and Christin Ferrall
Illinois Central College
Email: elizabeth.kellington@icc.edu
Title: Channel Your Inner Yoda
Do you believe that an academic advisor’s role is simply to create student schedules? Or rather, is scheduling just one piece of an academic advisor’s role? Often misconstrued as quite simple, academic advising involves mastery of knowledge, ability to mentor, and a drive to motivate. Utilizing NACADA’s core values, research, evidence based best practices, and anecdotal data, we will discuss the key roles an advisor plays, how to create a support network on your campus, tips to avoid advisor burnout, and more. We invite audience members to ask questions and provide insight about their advising experiences.

M3 Holly Herrera and Melissa Franzen
University of Illinois
Email: holly10@illinois.edu
Title: Advisor to Advisor: Empower Others Through ILACADA Leadership This roundtable discussion will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about ILACADA leadership and how they can be involved to impact the experiences of fellow advisors. Members of the current executive board will be in attendance to outline their trajectory and how ILACADA can meet personal and professional goals