2019 Annual Conference Presentations

Click on the highlighted sessions to access the presentation (more to come)

Session 1: 9:40-10:30am Session 2: 10:40-11:30am Session 3: 1:30-2:20pm

Session 4:   2:30-3:30pm



Room 1 – Gryffindor

Towards a Critical meta-Model of Student Success (Sasso, SIUE)

Deployment of Intrusive Advising within the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (Sasso and Price-Williams, SIUE)

Integrating Advising Techniques within the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel (Sasso, SIUE)

Supervising GAs & Interns: Being Intentional with Development (Sasso, SIUE)



Room 2 – Hufflepuff

Truman Community College’s Advising Caseload Journey: Successes and Lessons (Zures and Sullivan, Truman College)

Using Transferology Lab – a key ingredient in your advising success recipe! (Lawrence, U of I for IL MyCreditsTransfer)

Advisors as the Sorting Hat: Helping Transfer Students Find their Sense of Belonging (Mangi, Klostermann and Koehne, SIUE)

A Conversation with your ILACADA Board

(no presentation)



Room 3 – Ravenclaw


The Imperius Curse: Unconscious Bias in Academic Advising (Holterman, UIUC)


FYE on the go: A First Year Experience program a la carte (Echevarria, College of Lake County)


You’re an Advisor, Harry- an Understanding of First-generation, Gen-Z Students (Goedereis, SIUE)


Let’s Talk About the Dark Arts of Diversity & Inclusion (Davis, SIUC)



Room 4 – Slytherin

Implementing Universal Design in Advising (Flinn, SIUE)

Advising Alchemy 101: Transmuting Academic Plans into the 21st Century (Finnessey and Kane, ISU)


Panel Discussion on Professional Development with Advising Administrators

(no presentation)