2021 Virtual Drive In Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for ILACADA’s annual Spring Drive-in (5.14.21) is now open!

The theme for this year’s conference is Unmasking Student Potential: Embracing Responsibility, Perseverance, and Courage in Academic Advising

Submissions on any and all topics are welcome, but topics focused on the conference theme are preferred.  Are you ready to impact our students for the future?!

Who Should Submit a Proposal:

We encourage novice as well as experienced presenters to submit a proposal. Advisors, administrators, faculty, counselors, career development specialists, researchers, and graduate students are all welcome to submit proposals. If you have advanced techniques or proven practices to share that address higher education’s academic advising needs, please consider submitting a proposal.

For more information on creating a presentation proposal and the evaluation criteria used by the reviewers, please click here to view the proposal guidelines.

Session Formats:

All sessions will be in a virtual format via Microsoft Teams

Presentation: One-hour session that can include lecture, demonstrations, and/or participant discussion about topics relevant to the field of academic advising.

Panel Discussion: One-hour panel session where speakers address a specific advising topic each from their own perspective. Panel sessions are highly interactive with panelists representing multiple points of view from different institutions. Time is allowed for audience input and questions.

Important Deadlines:

  • March 19, 2021– Proposal submissions due
  • Week of March 22, 2021 – All potential presenters will be notified of their proposal status

Questions and Submission

For questions regarding your proposal, please email Jacob Harnacke at jharnacke@lincolncollege.edu.

2021 Virtual Drive In Call for Proposals
(Please do not use abbreviation)
500 words or less
150 words or less
Please identify any and all of the NACADA Core Competencies in the area of Conceptual, Informational and Relational that are relevant to your presentation
Proposals from representatives who do not represent higher education institutions will be reviewed separately. Sessions are not to be used by individuals for marketing or selling products or consulting or other services. This policy does not prevent product users from referring to specific commercial products nor does it prevent user roundtable discussions regarding specific products. Submission of this proposal signifies my agreement to abide by the NACADA Commercial Policy. YOU MUST CHECK ONE
1. All of the presenters listed must register and pay the appropriate conference registration fee. 2. Presenters must be available to present at any presentation time during the conference. 3. All of the presenters listed attest that all conference presentations and materials are their original work; and/or that they will obtain permission to use any materials that are not their original work and correctly cite the original source(s).

Once you submit your proposal, you will see a \”Presentation Proposal has been Submitted!\” confirmation page indicating that your proposal has been successfully submitted. Please be patient during processing – it may take a few moments.


If you do not receive an email confirmation within one day of submission, please notify us via email ilacada@ilacada.org.

If you need to make a change to an application you have already submitted, email ilacada@ilacada.org. DO NOT re-submit the same application if you need to make a change.