Standing committees: There will be five standing committees as follows: Constitution and By-Laws committee, Membership committee, Elections committee, Communications/Public Relations committee, and Programming Committee. ILACADA members may at any time express their desire to join a committee by contacting the chair of the committee. It is expected that committee members will attend all meetings of the committee and be active and engaged committee members. Currently, there is no time limitation for committee membership.

The Constitution Committee is required to draft, maintain and interpret the constitution and by-laws of ILACADA. The committee is also responsible for submitting to the membership any drafts or final versions of the constitution or its amendments. Any changes to the constitution and by-laws will be distributed to the membership for their approval.

The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining an accurate database of all ILACADA members. In addition, they are required to notify members when membership applications and dues are up for renewal. The membership committee will also encourage and solicit members.

The Elections Committee is responsible for announcing and conducting elections. They are also responsible for notifying members of election status, eligibility, and results.

The Communications Committee is responsible for all communications and promotion of the organization. They will develop and maintain the website, electronic newsletters, social networking, blogging, news and press releases.

The Programming Committee is responsible for developing and organizing conferences, workshops, and educational events on behalf of the membership. Members of the programming committee will also collaborate with like minded state organizations.