Reaching for Successful Freshmen Transition

Maria A. Glover-Stevens,MS,MBA, Chicago State University Academic Advisor

In the College of Arts and Sciences at Chicago State University, we are addressing the successful transition of our college freshmen into their sophomore year.   Academic advisors are in partnership with the Office of the First Year Experience (FYE) to ensure that successful freshman smoothly transition into the sophomore experience.   First-Year students include both first time freshmen and transfers with less than 30 hours and are welcomed into the Office of the First Year Experience.   The FYE students receive both academic and social resources needed for successfully transition into college life from the FYE academic advising team.

In the spring semester of their freshman year, students are encouraged to participate in Freshmen Transition Day. Students will enjoy a meal and brief program, while they meet and greet their new sophomore advisors, other staff and faculty in their chosen major.  Sophomore advisors work directly with the FYE team to schedule additional meetings and answer program questions and requirements.  Students are encouraged to visit their major departments before they transition into their sophomore year, in order to become familiar with the department office, clubs and organizations.

According to (Harrison, S.), “One of the largest transitions they undergo is from high school senior to college first-year student.  Yet each year of college marks another transition, and graduation typically sneaks up on them quickly.  Academic advisers are positioned to help students work through these transitions”.   Freshmen Transition Day is an exciting tool that we are using to further engage and inspire our students to stay connected and be successful.  We see promise in our students, and we want them to succeed. (CSU)

As an academic advisor in the Office of Prehealth Professions Programs, one of the department goals is not only the successful transition of the freshmen to us, but the retention of the sophomore students.  Recognizing that different students have different advising needs, we are building accountability among students, advising and encouraging ownership of their academic work. We are reaching for success.


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